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Hi everybody! My name is Mindaugas, I’m the dude that’s behind the name of StonedFly. As far as I can remember, I’ve tied my very first fly in the year of 1992. And that was a beginning of, I’d say, an obsession, that followed me ever since.  And for quite a time already my life revolves around fly-fishing. I live on the bank of our main salmon river, make my living tying flies professionally, guiding a bit and doing some work at our tiny company that sells fly-fishing tackle and arranges fishing trips. And feel pretty happy about that.

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Something I’ve borrowed from the classics

And in quite heretic  way. Here’s the story. Quite a while ago, my good friend handed me a bagful of odd feathers. Then I was quite keen in getting involved…

Few more Fancy K’s with a bit different attitude

I assume these two will complement nicely the row of glorious Komag’s Fancies. Here’s Grey and Olive one to match different lighting and water tinge. Some “minor” changes in the…

A taker from the past

Well, all happened back in 2005 in Norway. We were fishing Vestre Jakobselva and Komag. The action was poor  in both rivers. Yet after a several lousy days I managed…

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