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Hi everybody! My name is Mindaugas, I’m the dude that’s behind the name of StonedFly. As far as I can remember, I’ve tied my very first fly in the year of 1992. And that was a beginning of, I’d say, an obsession, that followed me ever since.  And for quite a time already my life revolves around fly-fishing. I live on the bank of our main salmon river, make my living tying flies professionally, guiding a bit and doing some work at our tiny company that sells fly-fishing tackle and arranges fishing trips. And feel pretty happy about that.

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Crosfield inspired

Hi folks! It’s been a long time since my last post on here, but I’m alive and getting back to tying after a hard session of labor  at my guesthouse…

Goran Andersson Casting School in Lithuania, October 2014

Well, what to say more… That was helluva great an event and remarkable week spent with Master himself! Happy participants, enormous dose of knowledge shared and received, funny stories at…

Something I’ve borrowed from the classics

And in quite heretic  way. Here’s the story. Quite a while ago, my good friend handed me a bagful of odd feathers. Then I was quite keen in getting involved…

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